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Twin Brothers Each Got a $100K Inheritance. One Invested in Bitcoin, One Didn’t

It’s like the plot of a movie: twin brothers get an inheritance of $100,000 each… and then their lives take very different turns.According to a Reddit user known as TheDumbTwin, this is exactly what happened to him back in 2013 after his uncle died of pancreatic cancer.Both brothers decided to invest the money. While TheDumbTwin put most of their funds into stocks and silver, their sibling bought 500 Bitcoins… at a price of about $100 each. He wrote:“My brother has never sold any of his Bitcoins. He’s never even traded them for other crypto currencies. His job pays him very well very, so he’s never really had liquidity issues. He has still 500+ coins.”TheDumbTwin said his net worth is now less than the $100,000 he started out with — partially because of how the price of silver has fallen. His brother, we hear you ask? He’s now sitting on a fortune of more than $10 million.“His wealth in Bitcoin alone is more than 100 times greater than my entire net worth. He’s going to retire soon. He will be selling his house… He plans to travel a lot with the wife and kids, and it seems like his life is set.”Although TheDumbTwin said he was happy for his brother, he admitted that he struggles not to be jealous at times.“I’ve stopped attending family events (him too), because I can’t get over the overwhelming thought of ‘hey, you should’ve done what your brother did’ at every waking moment. It’s extremely depressing. I try to be thankful for what I do have, and I try to be thankful since I know that many other people in the world have it way worse. But I don’t know if I’ll ever get over it.”TheDumbTwin asked for advice from fellow Reddit users. One of them replied: “Your brother did a very stupid thing, but he got lucky. He gambled and won. Hey, good for him.”Another pointed out that hindsight is a wonderful thing. “We all should have bought Amazon in 2000,” they wrote.And attempting to reassure the original poster, this Reddit user added: “You did what you thought made sense at the time and hindsight is always 20/20. It might have just as easily worked out the other way where the Bitcoin might not have taken off and your bro would have nothing to show for his investment.”It still must hurt, though.Check out CoinMarketCap Alexandria!We’ve got dozens of great features that cover every aspect of crypto and blockchain — including a new piece asking this: should you invest in Bitcoin or altcoins?