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Warning: This Phishing Scam is *Very* Easy to Fall For

CipherTrace is warning MetaMask users to remain vigilant after receiving “an uptick of alerts” that funds are being stolen through a phishing attack.According to the blockchain intelligence firm, a malicious Chrome browser extension is masquerading as an official MetaMask product.The extension links to a domain that was created just seven days ago, with a design that’s intended to mimic MetaMask’s official website.Can you tell the difference between these two sites? (Answer at the bottom)Photographs shared by CipherTrace showed that it’s near impossible to tell the two sites apart—meaning crypto enthusiasts need to get savvy and double-check URLs.According to the company, the suspicious website was first uncovered by a Twitter user on Nov. 28:Even though he tagged @metamask in his tweets — which appeared to show that the fraudulent site was being advertised on Google — MetaMask didn’t publicly reply to his thread.CipherTrace said: “We have alerted and reached out to MetaMask to help take down this malicious browser extension. As always, stay vigilant.”Why this news mattersPhishing scams are, sadly, a common part of the online world. Indeed, they’re not even reserved for crypto projects — PayPal users often have to grapple with emails that appear to be from the payment platform, even though they’re not.Top tips for staying safe include:Be cautious whenever a company contacts you directlyAlways check the URL of a website before logging in or depositing cashWatch out for websites that are a poor imitation of the original (they can sometimes be littered with typos)Contact the company’s customer service team if you’re in doubtRead more on CMC Alexandria!Anyone can fall for phishing scams, even experienced investors. Here’s a look at the nine things that everyone should know before investing in cryptocurrency.Subscribe to our newsletterYou’re missing out if you haven’t subscribed to our newsletter yet. Click here to get the top stories and the best analysis to your inbox everyday.